Zululand is an amazing place…
… it has a striking scenic beauty, a great diversity of animals and plants, a colourful and often dramatic history and a world famous people – the Zulus – with their fascinating culture.

Babanango Valley Environmental Adventures, situated in the heart of Zululand, is a perfect location for outdoor education. With a track record of well over 20 years Babanango is the ideal choice for History, Geography, Ecology/Life Sciences, Leadership/Team Building, Zulu Culture, Tourism, Bush Schools, hiking or purely fun camps!

Babanango Valley is a haven in the bush, Africa at its best.

What to Expect in
Average Temperature:
Min 2° Max 25°
Rainfall Probablity:
Low (22mm avg)
Warm clothes & spare blanket
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babanango schools_67
babanango schools_46